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Jill Westra


Them KC Boys

A Kansas City Conundrum.

Who the what...?

Jill Westra & Them KC Boys are a Kansas City-based, woman-fronted trio with their fingers in a number of musical pies. Their catalog of original tunes draws on Jill’s influences that include Texas singer-songwriters such as Robert Earl Keen, as well as 1960s Bakersfield and Memphis blues. In August 2019 the band released an EP entitled “so_low” that will take you on a gutsy trek through a handful of up-tempo foot-stompers, heavy on chutzpa. Playing live, expect extra guitar added to the bash.


The horizon of musical styles that got all stirred together in this trippy trio spans from upright bass player Leo Eilts’ alter ego of a smooth, western Kansas cowboy crooner, to drummer Joe Guthrie’s major rock n’ roll rep to protect. The result? A lot of fun paired with cleverly-written songs that will keep you wide awake from a heavy dose of full-tilt vocals, great harmonies, and plenty of ruckus. Plus, it all comes with a toe-tapping guarantee!


some moving pictures. . . 

Westport Saloon
Fri, May 22
The Westport Saloon
May 22, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
The Westport Saloon, 4112 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA
Opening for act TBA.
Live @ Bar K
Fri, Aug 28
Bar K
Aug 28, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Bar K, 501 Berkley Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64120, USA
Bar K is a unique new destination featuring a modern bar, restaurant, live music venue and dog park located in downtown Kansas City on the shore of the Missouri River in Berkley Riverfront Park. And we're gonna rock it.

meet the band!

Lead vocalist, guitarist and Songwriter-in-Chief, Jill Westra (left) is a road-weary scientist by day and multi-instrumentalist moonlighter. She performs with the KC-based duos "westrafox" and "Distant Cousins" as well as all by her lonesome, when everyone else's had enough of her..

Drummer Joe Guthrie (center) is a hard rock n' roller who keeps the band on the straight and narrow with his iron fist of authority and rock solid beats. We begrudgingly share him with the Wakarusa River Band when we have to.

Bass-snuggler and band Hat Director Leo Eilts (right) has played in all the Kansas City bands that ever existed, including Total Strangers, Spontaneous Combustion, and is currently the bad boy of KC's headed-for-legendary-status cowboy band, "3 Trails West". 

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